Integrity Print Solutions

Lighting Services have been treading boldly into the world of industrial solutions over the last few years with no project typifying industrial warehouse lighting more than that of Integrity Print. Having already assisted with many warehouse projects in North East Somerset area, we were asked by J Bracey Electrical to assist in putting together a proposal for Integrity.

Staff had expressed concerns about poor visibility and a gloomy atmosphere under the current metal halide lighting. Being a high wattage option this also meant that running lighting for 24 hours a day was an expensive enterprise. A more efficient solution was desired.

LED technology has many benefits to help overcome some of these issues, especially with new industrial products now available. A proposed 98W fitting could effectively be run at 80% and still exceed desired lighting levels. Under running an LED fitting also increases it’s already impressive lifetime of 50,000 hours. This brings a huge reduction in the maintenance costs over traditional metal halide systems when fittings are installed in high up areas of a warehouse ceiling.

However, efficiency in modern lighting does not stop at output. Intelligent controls play a vital function. Occupancy sensors on each fitting can effectively keep it dormant at 20% output until triggered by an employee or vehicle.

By combining technologies we were able to estimate impressive savings  in energy and maintenance with an ROI within 3 years, as predicted using our customisable Cost of Ownership Tool™.

Dave Wright, Supply Chain Manager – Integrity, Comments:

We took our time to see a number of suppliers and proposals, but in the end it was an easy selection. Lighting Services are not tied to any one manufacturer and gave us clear and independent advice. They put together a proposal with a local company J Bracey Electrical and the install was superb, and the warehouse was fully operational throughout.

We now have excellent consistent lighting in the areas that we are working while maximising our Energy savings by dimming back the lights that are not needed.